Saturday, April 27, 2013

I'm Back! Collective Vision Pieces for 2013

After a short hiatus of two years (that's a joke) I am going to try this again.  A lot has happened in the last two years and a lot has stayed the same.  I am still on the road in our motor home with my husband Gerry, and yes, we are still enjoying it very much!  I have also continued down the path with my fiber art, adding lots of new techniques and tools to my repertoire. I have my very creative times and my not so creative times, but it is still one of my passions.

I am posting some pictures of my most recent endeavors.  These are pictures of the pieces done for the Collective Visions group which I belong to.  We are into our ninth year and going strong.  The members who have remained for the last four years are Kathy  Adams, Joanne Baeth, Dona Ford, Susan Massini and myself.  We seem to be a good mix and able to work together well.  I know that I love to spend time with them experimenting on techniques and bouncing ideas off of each other! 

Each of these pieces is only one out of five pieces for the complete project, which means that there are five completed pieces of art at the end of the process.  We exchange pattern pieces in the fall, complete them over the winter, and then return them to the originator of the piece in the spring.  The parameters for each piece is set by the originator of that piece and can be whatever they so desire.  That being said, here are my the pieces for the 2013 CV's:

All Of My Pieces On My Display Board!

Dona Ford's Piece/Old Homestead
Sprague River Highway

Joanne Baeth's Aspens

Kathy Adam's Piece/Cattle In
The Field

Susan Massini's Piece/ Jelly Fish