Wednesday, July 17, 2013

2013 CV Project

I finally received all of the pieces to my project a week ago.  I had been working on the roosters which will go on the bottom of the piece and had also created the dirt for the area below the wagon.   I had also been busy reconstructing the piece on the far left.  Here is the picture of all of the wagon pieces hanging together.

The pieces from left to right were done by Kathy Adams, Joanne Baethe, Dona Ford, and Susan Massini/Louise Page.  Overall, I am quite satisfied with the results, although I now have a lot of fine tuning to do such as darkening the very light wheel in front, resizing the front wheel on the far right piece, adding more detail to the wagon, playing with some of the colors, etc.  After all of that is done, I can proceed to the quilting. 

Here is a picture of the dirt piece which will attach to the bottom of the wagon.  It will be irregularly cut and the roosters will be located close to the wagon and then come down into the dirt, smallest to largest for perspective.  I am thinking that there is a lot of work to do yet, but I know that it will be well worth the effort.

The top rooster was done by Kathy Adams, the next one down on the right by Joanne Baethe, and the other two I made.  I have one more which will go on the piece done by Dona Ford.  I will add some rocks, grasses, etc. and do some simple quilting on this, as i want to maintain as much of the texture as I can.