Saturday, March 14, 2015

Threads of Yosemite

L to R, Kathy Adams,  Joanne Bathe, Louise Page
It has been a long time in between posts!  I have not lost my love for fiber art, I have just found a few other loves which seem to fill a lot of time.  Spending our winters in Indio, CA, affords me the opportunity to spend a lot of time playing under the blue skies and warm sunshine.

I begin working with a newly reformed group of my art quilting friends, Kathy Adams, Joanne Bathe, and myself. We formed our group in the Fall of 2013 and completed our first piece in the fall of 2014 We call our group Threads Times Three.  We decided to do fiber pieces of the national parks.  Our first piece we chose was Threads of Yosemite, which was derived from a photo taken by Kathy.  We split the photo into three slices, discussed colors, techniques, etc.,then headed out on our own to begin creating our portion of the whole. We met once in the winter of 2014 at the. Road To California show to view our progress, share bits and pieces of fiber, and to give each other feedback and problem solve.  Then it was back to our separate corners to continue working.  In May of that year, and also June, we managed to get together again.  Finally, in September of 2014, we had our last gathering to complete the pieces, bind them, and prepare them for hanging together.

We entered the piece in Yosemite Renaissance, an art show sponsored by Yosemite National Park, held at the end of February 2015.  The piece was well received, winning a cash prize and receiving the status of The. Viewers Choice Award along with another piece entered in the show.  It will hang at Yosemite NP until May of 2015 and then either join a traveling exhibition or be entered at another venue.

As you can see from the picture above, there are a number of techniques and fibers used to arrive at the finished product.