Thursday, October 3, 2013


I have played a little bit with painting some pieces for future quilts.  Last spring and the spring before, on our way north for the summer, we stayed at Avilla Beach, just above Pismo Beach.  On our walks, I would frequently snap pictures of the seagulls.  I have wanted to use my photos to do a quilt, but had not gotten any farther than composing them in my mind.  Since my creative muse has reappeared in the last week, I have been looking at some of my photos.  I decided it was time to try to combine some of thos seagull pictures to make a fiber art piece.  I spent a day last week playing with the pictures and decided to attempt to draw a pattern using some of them. 

I thought that for once I would start small and just attempt one bird to see how I might do it.  So today, after spending 30 minutes searching for my patterns, I began with a single seagull.  I traced it onto fabric which had been treated with Scotch Guard.  I then searched for another 15 minutes for my Inktense Pencils, but to no avail!  I then had to use my Inktense blocks, a brush, and some floating medium to begin the painting process.  For a first attempt, I am happy with what I have come up with!  I still need to add the water behind the bird, do that pesky eye, do some threadpainting, then layer it, quilt it, and finish the edges.