Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pearl and Her Pumpkins!

Pictures are for the birds!

Pearl has been having lots of fun getting ready for Halloween.  A week ago she went to Gramma and Grampa Crawleys' for an annual party and pumpkin carving.  Mandi decided that Pearl should be an owl and that Gramma Page should make the costume.  We glued the feathers onto a black t-shirt and made owl feather decorations for her glasses and her hair.  Isn't she a hoot?

The same weekend of the party, Great Granny Page along with Aunt Genie and Uncle Tim came to visit.  Erika, Genies' daughter is a student at Gonzaga University and it was Parents Weekend.  Granny brought Pearl a Halloween outfit.  Pearl was going to visit her Daddy Philip this morning, so Mandi put her in it.  I wanted to take a picture for Granny, but Pearl was not too high on the idea.  Mandi and I finally got her to agree to having her picture taken, but she would not move off of the toilet where she was watching her mom put on her makeup.  The venue isn't the greatest, but the little squirrel still is pretty cute!

Pearl also received a package from her Aunt Gloria this week and it had another Halloween shirt.  Gramps and Grams were taking care of Pearl Thursday and had occasion to venture out.  We dressed her up and took her picture and wanted to tell Aunt Gloria thanks for thinking of her!
Did someone say cheese?

That's about it for Halloween pics of Pearly, I just wish I could see what my other two favorite pumpkins (Caleb and Ethan) are doing for the holiday!