Monday, November 1, 2010


I am so excited to post pictures of a recent project completed by a group of ladies from the Klamath Basin in Oregon and Northern California.  The idea for the project came after viewing Slice Quilts done by a quilting group on the east coast (I think).  The pieces which we did were based on photographs taken by Jeremy Franklin  ( ) who is a sewing machine technician and photographer from Klamath Falls Klamath Falls, Oregon   The group was formed by Joanne Baeth, Dona Ford, and Susan Massini, local fiber artists.  Robin King and Diane McKoen, ( ) hosted the group at their shop. 

There were three photographs chosen for the projects and each project was divided into eight slices approximately 10"x60".  The only stipulation was that each artist had to accurately portray their pattern piece in accordance with the photograph.  Joanne, Dona, and Susan then scheduled numerous work sessions throughout the year to provide assistance, suggestions, and support.  They also did demonstrations on numerous techniques which the artists might utilize to realistically depict their piece.  It took approximately one year to complete the projects.  Three of us who were involved in the process did our project long distance as we choose to spend the winter in warmer locales.
I did have the opportunity to see some of the pieces in process, but not completed.   They were beautiful then and upon completion are beyond words.  There is so much texture and depth in each piece and the realism is jaw dropping.  They really do accurately depict the photographs that they were based on.  Joanne, Dona, and Susan are to be highly commended for all their hard work and wonderful instruction on these projects.  Kudos to each of the artists for their commitment and the beautiful work that they did.  I have been to a lot of quilt shows and have not seen anything quite like these pieces.  The quality, workmanship and uniqueness are to be highly admired.  Thanks to each one of you!

'Sprague River Aspens'

'Klamath Lake'

'Mt. Shasta'
All Three/Klamath County Museum