Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fractured Quilt 2010

I have been a member of a Fractured Art Quilt group for about four years now.  The group began with six members in the first year.  At the end of the first projects, three of the members dropped out and we decided to replace only two of them.   Three of the original members have continued with the group to complete a total of three pieces and others have either one or two pieces which they have finished.

Each member designs a pattern and then fractures it into five pieces.  One piece of each persons' pattern is given to each participant.  (This means that each person works on every pattern including their own.)  The originator of the pattern establishes what guidelines, if any, they have for their original piece.  Everyone has about ten months to finish all five pieces and return them to their respective owners.  Each individual then puts their fractured pieces back together and does the finishing quilting and embellishing. 

The fractured quilts which have been completed to date were shown at a special exhibit at the Sisters Quilt Show in Sisters, OR last summer.  They were very well received and we have since begun work on next years fractures.  I am posting pictures of the pieces which were completed since the group began.

Joanne Baeth, 2008

Dona Ford, 2008

Louise Page, 2008

Carol Dougan, 2008

Joanne Baeth, 2009

Dona Ford, 2009

Louise Page, 2009

Susan Massini, 2009

Carol Bowen, 2009

Joanne Baeth, 2010

Dona Ford, 2011

Louise Page, 2010


Susan Massini, 2010

Cheryl Carbone, 2010