Tuesday, May 10, 2011

8 hours of intense labor!

I have been thinking of learning how to make a small basket for Jackson's fracture which I am working on.  Last week I went to Madonnna Needle Works in Morgan Hill, CA, and a woman was teaching a class in making minature baskets.  Nancy Jones, the teacher, offered to give me a private lesson on coiling baskets on Sunday.   Of course I felt like a total klutz, but Nancy was very patient with me.   After 5 hours I had the start of a basket, about 1" in diameter!  Not fast work, but I did enjoy it.  I worked on it some more on Monday just to cement the process in my head and it is now about 2".  I think I would like to make it between 4-5" and see how it looks.  It is something which I think that I will enjoy pursuing.  I thought it was very funny that a non-Indian taught me how to coil a basket!  Go figure.  Thanks Nancy, you are a great teacher, and I have made a new friend.

I also worked on finishing the moccasins for Young Buck and have temporarily attached them to him.  I am very happy with them, now I need to finish the arm bands, which is also proving to be lots of work and size 14 beads are itsy, bitsy things!  I will work on shading once I have attached him permanently to the quilt piece.  I feel like I am really making progress on him, but I need to put him away and finish a couple of odds and ends on the rest of the fractures before I get to Klamath Falls.