Thursday, May 5, 2011

More work on Young Buck!

I have spent the last few days working on this piece and feel that he is really coming along well.  I worked on the ribbons for his apron and added some more stitching on his breast plate.  I really felt that I needed to get him on a background before proceeding much further.  I dyed three pieces of cheesecloth and finally decided on the final one which I did.  It is dyed using Dynaflow Brick Red and Burnt Umber along with adding highlights of Luminere Gold and Copper.  Initially the cheesecloth piece was to large for him, but I didn't want to cut it up and lose the organic edges which had been created in the dying process.  So I just began folding and scrunching and ironing the piece to reduce the size.  The cheesecloth is layered onto a piece of lightweight suede upholstery fabric is a soft brown/gray color.  After attaching it with some small pieces of fusible webbing I added the young buck by trapuntoing him.  I will not permanently attach any of his regalia until I have quilted the background.

His yellow headpiece (a maribou hair clip found at JoAnne ),  will have some added lime green deer hair and purple something to it to complete it.  I am in the process of making his hair and beading moccasins and arm bands for him.  After that, I will add feathers, bells and necklaces to complete him.  I am thrilled with the way he is developing and feel that he will only compliment the focal point of Jackson.  This is such a fun piece to work on!