Saturday, May 18, 2013


I began working on one of the roosters for my piece this week.  While at Pismo Beach in April I made an aquaintance with a beautiful Polish Chicken named Amos.  Some one had dropped him off at the produce stand and he has become a treasured pet there.  I thought he had a lot of attitude and deserved to be featured in a quilt for posterity.

Here is the picture of Amos which I worked from along with a few pictures of the progress which I am making on him.  Needless to say, I will probably be making a few adjustments to him and still need to add his feet and a few more feather sections.

I have taken some creative licensce with Amos because I wanted him to be more colorful.  I will be moving, adjusting, and adding bits when I put him on the final piece. 

I used some of my monoprinted fabric on the rust/gold feather pieces.  The netting like feathers have bits of different yarns thread painted between orange netting.

Amos' topnotch came from a barette bought at Joanns'.  I will be shading his beak and working on his waddle?

Amos with his posse!