Saturday, May 18, 2013

Collective Vision 2013 Exchange

It has been a busy few weeks since my last post.  We have landed in Spokane and are staying at out daughters home.  Having lots of fun with our granddaughter and enjoying being set for a while.

I got together with our two members of our Collective Visions Group to exchange our completed pattern pieces and have some play time together.  The following are the pictures of the pieces which will be put together by the originator of the pattern.

This is my piece which comes from a picture I took of an old wagon.  The roosters are also some which I photographed last year.  This piece is going to have some revisions on the two pieces on the right and the large red rooster.  I will be making and adding a section to the bottom of the piece along with two other roosters.  Lots of work to do!

This is Dona Fords' piece which was made from a picture which she took of an old homestead on the Sprague River in Klamath County, OR.  My piece is to the far left with the large yellow pine on the left.  It was the first piece I tackled and although it was a lot of work, I am very happy with the way it turned out.  I think that this piece is going to be a winner when it is finished.


These are the Jelly Fish for Susan Massinis' piece.  After seeing the others, I am going to be redoing my jelly fish, it needs to be more transparent.  Love what the others have done!  Susan will be doing the background for these which will be the blue behind two of the jelly fish.

This is Joanne Baeths' piece.  Love the color and texture of the aspens.  Mine is the fourth from the left.  Joanne will be mixing up the bush textures.  I know that it will be beautiful when she gets it finished!

This piece belongs to Kathy Adams.  Don't you love her dog?  Lots of roving & stitching, pretty realistic.  My piece is second from the left.  I have since taken off the cow in back which resembled a bear and redone the face of the heifer and sent it on to Kathy.  I was not happy with the finished product and wanted to give it another go.  I was happier with the last face which I did.